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Active Threat or Active Shooter

If you observe violent or aggressive behavior you should leave the area and call Campus Safety immediately.

Campus: x7291
Cell Phone: 413-528-7291

Calmly describe the individual(s), their location, and whether or not they have a weapon. If you are unable to leave your location: lock or barricade doors, close blinds, cover windows, keep cell phones on but silenced, and keep yourself out of sight. If you believe the person has a gun, stay behind large objects—desks, cabinets, or concrete walls.

The community will be informed through the Emergency Alert System of any violent behavior on campus that could potentially harm others. You will be given as much information as possible and instructed on any needed action such as immediate evacuation, if safe to do so, or a lockdown.



A lockdown is typically used in instances of campus violence involving the use of a weapon. When informed of a lockdown through the Emergency Alert System or other means, please follow the below procedures:

  • Remain calm and quiet.
  • Lock or barricade all doors where possible, or proceed to a room where you can do so.
  • If possible cover any windows or openings that have a direct line of sight into a hallway.
  • Shut blinds or shades. Turn off lights.
  • Stay low, away from windows and doors. Barricade doors where possible; use furniture or desks.
  • Sit on the floor or crouch under or behind desks and bookshelves. Try to remain out of sight.
  • Immediately put all cell phones into "Vibrate" or "Silent" mode.
  • Be aware of alternate exits if it becomes necessary to flee.
  • Calls to Campus Safety should be made only with specific information regarding the location or conduct of the intruder or if the status of the emergency changes.
  • DO NOT respond to anyone at the door until an "all clear" message is received from the Emergency Alert System or emergency personnel.
  • If a fire alarm sounds during a lockdown, do not evacuate unless you smell smoke or see fire in your area.
  • If outside when a lockdown is announced run into the nearest building and follow the above lockdown instructions. If it is not safe to do so, hide behind a large heavy object (i.e. vehicle, tree).
  • Notify someone of your location when safe to do so.

For more detailed information on your personal safety in an active shooter situation, please review these helpful resources.