Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College
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Campus Evacuations

Building Evacuation

  • Buildings can be evacuated quickly with the use of the fire alarm system.
  • Proceed normally to the designated meeting site and wait instruction.
  • See Fire Procedures below for more information.

Partial Campus Evacuation

  • An alert will be sent from the College’s Emergency Alert system. The notification will instruct everyone to proceed to a specific campus building. Commonly used buildings for this purpose are the Kilpatrick Athletic Center, the Daniel Arts Center, and occasionally the Dining Hall.

  • Campus Life and Campus Safety staff will tour campus instructing everyone to proceed as indicated by the emergency notification in a quick and orderly manner.
  • All will wait quietly for further instruction and information.

Campus Evacuation

Full campus evacuations will begin as a partial evacuation. Arrangements will be made by college officials to relocate students off campus from the initial on campus evacuation point.