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Basketball, Soccer, and Swim Teams

If you’ve never seen a llama slam dunk or swim a 200-Yard freestyle, you’re in for a treat.

Men's basketball game

Simon's Rock mascot at a school basketball gameOur basketball, soccer and swim teams give you the chance to compete and practice what it means to pursue a collective goal as part of a team.

 Talk to your admission counselor about sports at Simon’s Rock

Our competitive teams include: Men’s and Women’s soccer, Men’s and Women’s Swimming, and Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and all enjoy support from the llama mascot.

Competitive events with nearby colleges give you the opportunity to test your mettle while making new friends outside of the college community. Participating in competitive athletics requires a high level of commitment, responsibility, and enthusiasm, and provides yet another unique opportunity to learn and grow during your time here.

The coaching staff understands that the field and court can be learning environments, too, and it’s their goal to provide you with tools and experiences that will serve you in your life after Simon’s Rock. You’ll also experience the camaraderie and excitement of participating in a team sport. If you’re interested in playing on any of the Simon’s Rock competitive teams, please be in touch with the coaches during the summer; all Simon’s Rock teams compete in the fall semester.