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Sophomore Transition

We encourage a thoughtful process intended to help each Simon’s Rock student create an individualized path for BA completion.

The Sophomore Planning Process gives you a chance to continue to take an active role in strategizing your own intellectual endeavors, and provides a unique opportunity to receive valuable feedback from advisors and faculty members.

 Sophomore Planning: A Collaborative Process

Sophomore Planning Process Guide

During your second year, in anticipation of completing the AA degree, you’ll meet with the Academic Transitions Advisor to discuss your plan for completing your BA. We will talk about ALL of your options, about all the possible ways you will have the BA experiences you are looking for, and about how you will make the most of the rest of your undergraduate career.


What Concentration do you want to pursue? What sort of classes will complement your area of study and prepare you for thesis work? Together, we’ll begin work on the Moderation Packet and sort through the details.

Off-Campus Experience

Will you study in another country, take classes at Bard in Annandale, do fieldwork, or intern with a business or organization in a field that interests you? We can connect you with programs and opportunities that are a good fit.

Degree Options

Are you thinking about applying for transfer to another institution?

Personal Statement

Working with your academic advisor and the Academic Transitions Advisor, you’ll start to draft a personal reflection that can serve as the basis for your Moderation Statement and/or any transfer application essays. When you are ready, you will schedule a Moderation Meeting with 2-3 faculty members in your areas of interest/Concentration. You’ll get meaningful feedback from professors who know you and your work.

In the spring, as you prepare for your junior year and begin receiving decision letters from transfer schools and/or study away programs, you’ll know that your decision will be informed and supported by a whole team of faculty and advisors. And as you consider your options, you can rely on your team to help you navigate any questions you might have.

Whether you stay at Simon’s Rock for a unique BA experience or transfer elsewhere, you will be joining a distinguished alumni network.