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This concentration provides students with the analytical and laboratory tools to investigate the physical world and prepares them for training in engineering, medicine, or education.

When supplemented by additional physics courses, the physics concentration prepares students for a graduate education in physics. Students interested in engineering should also consult the catalogue for the 3/2 dual degree program.

Related Career Paths

Students in the physics concentration are in demand in fields such as engineering, education, medicine, environmental science, and law.


The following courses are required to complete the concentration. The total number of credits is 20.

  • Physics 210 Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Physics 220 Introduction to Quantum Physics
  • Physics 230 Modern Physics Laboratory 
  • Physics 303 Classical Mechanics
  • Physics 304 Electricity and Magnetism
  • Physics 320 Statistical Thermodynamics

Physics 220, 230, and 303 are usually offered every year, the others are offered two out of every three years. The serious physics student should also take Math 220 Linear Algebra and Math 221 Vector Calculus. Additional courses that complement this concentration are: Chemistry 100 and 101 Introduction to Chemistry I and II, Mathematics 364 Ordinary Differential Equations, Mathematics 365 Partial Differential Equations, and Natural Science 410 Research Methods.

Course Spotlight

Three male students cooperate during their physics lab.

Physics 304: Electricity and Magnetism

In this course you will be learning about electromagnetic forces that are responsible for such diverse phenomena as chemical bonding and friction.

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