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Equity and Inclusion at Simon’s Rock


The Office of Equity and Inclusion at Simon’s Rock governs the College’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and cultural competence by building upon comprehensive strategies to ensure equal access to a welcoming environment for all, campus resources, quality education, leadership, workplace development opportunities, social and emotional development, and intellectual conversations that inform and drive change within the campus community.


The Early College model compels us to center students’ voices, invite unvarnished feedback about students’ lives and experiences, and encourage students to lead and engage in critical discussions about how to build a more just and equitable society. Additionally, the work of equity and inclusion invites us to consider the voices and perspectives of all individuals within the community.

Through the collective work of the campus community, Simon’s Rock is committed to embedding structures of support and inclusivity into every aspect of our campus environment.

Values & Commitments

  • We provide leadership, pedagogical resources, inspiration, and accountability supports
  • We cultivate and sustain a healthy and thriving campus climate
  • We collaborate campus-wide
  • We serve students, faculty, administrators, and staff
  • We inform planning, policies, and procedures

Strategic Plan Goals

Our goals focus on creating a campus environment where everyone has the ability to grow, learn, challenge social norms, and thrive. We are committed to expanding the reach and access to voices of underrepresented and marginalized individuals while building a community that recognizes and supports a community of cultural understanding, social justice, and community engagement. Additionally, we want to build a community of support, authenticity, and social change that is sustainable. To do this, our strategic equity and inclusion plan focuses on five campus-wide goals:

  • Community
  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Sustainability
  • Authenticity

Guiding Actions

The Office of Equity and Inclusion uses four guiding actions to measure the reach of our work and to make sure we are meeting the goals of our strategic plan. Each action guides the operations within our office and across campus and impacts how we assess our initiatives. The actions include:

  • Research and Scholarship
  • Outreach and Community Engagement
  • Training and Development
  • Recruitment and Retention