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Summary of Strategic Plan Goals


Intentional efforts of creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community, with a particular emphasis on the recruitment, retention, and inclusion of students, staff, and faculty of color. Expansion of research and scholarship opportunities that advance the relationship between staff and students and the resources that expand our ability to welcome and retain diverse populations within our campus community.


A collective effort across all campus offices to practice and maintain a standard of inclusive language, this includes any outreach to families, donors, alumni, and future students. Ongoing review of how materials are communicated and disseminated for clarity and understanding.


The shared vision of equity and inclusion being standards of practice in each area of departmental functioning from leaders within the campus community. A collective effort to increase diversity through recruitment and training, and ongoing discussions from leaders around training and development in areas of cultural competency and sensitivity.


Initiatives that will work alongside the strategic plans each year that will continue efforts in maintaining equity and inclusion within the campus community. Passive and active programs, training, and experiences that happen regularly to increase awareness around social issues, social change, and social justice.


A careful consideration of voices, experiences, and languages represented within the community environment. A practice of encouraging holistic self-expression and welcoming different perspectives and identities into all spaces. Creating opportunities for dialogue around equity and inclusion in the personal success of students, staff, and faculty across campus.