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Owl’s Nest: Center for Equity, Inclusion, and Community

The Center for Equity, Inclusion and Community (CEIC) is a new campus-wide resource, opening Fall 2022, with a particular focus on our students of color and affinity student organizations. Research has shown us that students of color who attend Predominately White Institutions (PWI) often struggle with finding a space where they feel they can be themselves — a space where they can unwind, and focus on what they need to thrive in a community. The CEIC was created with the need to find inclusion and home, in mind for our students of color and affinity organizations. Students can use this space for lounging, programming, conferences, and meetings. Additionally, with the Office of Equity and Inclusion located in this building, all students, faculty, and staff are welcome to the support and resources that the office can provide.

LGBTQIA2S+ Community Initiatives

At Simon’s Rock we believe that everyone in our community deserves a place where they can feel safe and welcomed. Our LGBTQIA2S+ community is abundant and we work continuously to collaborate collectively across campus to evaluate and increase the support measures that we offer to our students. Within our community, we offer a Pride Week each March, Inclusive Housing option, LGBTQIA2S+ academics, and a host of other support services to increase awareness, inclusion, and equitable practices within the Simon’s Rock community. For more information about these initiatives, please visit our page Celebrating and Supporting our LGBTQIA2S+ Community.


#LlamaLove is an employee appreciation initiative dedicated to increasing the recognition of all of the hard work it takes to build community and stay focused on the work we do with our students. Each month, a person is nominated to be awarded a gift from the Office of Equity and Inclusion for their outstanding work and dedication to the campus community.

New Employee Orientation (NEO)

New Employee Orientation (NEO) is a new employee initiative, with the inaugural event being in Sring 2022. The purpose of this institutional orientation is to provide all new employees an opportunity to learn important processes within the campus community and help new employees transition into their roles with some institutional knowledge that may help them feel connected to the community. Additionally, employees will have the opportunity to meet other new employees and have networking opportunities.

Annual Events

At the heart of an equitable community are communal spaces where we can listen, share, and learn from each other. The following events take place each year, thanks to the contribution of the Council for Inclusive Community and volunteers within the Simon’s Rock community. These events provide opportunities for connection, strengthening our community, and give us a firm foundation for continuing to build a more responsive and inclusive Simon’s Rock.