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Win Student Resource Commons

The Win Student Resource Commons is a full complement of programs intended to provide support to the Simon’s Rock student community.

The initiative was named for Ba Win and Judith Win whose unflagging guidance, help, and encouragement have supported generations of students. (Both Simon's Rock community mainstays, Ba Win is a former provost and current vice president of Bard Early College Programs and Policies, and his partner Judith is the director of psychological services at Simon's Rock.)

We are dedicated to helping students find personal and academic success at Simon’s Rock and beyond. Our staff offers a wide range of resources and services including tutoring in writing and quantitative studies; secure adaptive technologies and services; internship search assistance; information about study abroad programs; and career advisement. In addition, we explore and celebrate diversity through ongoing programs, advisement, and support. While this is our focused mission, our programs expand and adapt based on the needs of the campus community. At every step, we help students understand, embrace, and shape their educational experience.

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