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5 Questions with...

Alumni interviews as featured in the monthly News from Simon’s Rock.

Josh MuskovitzJosh Muskovitz ’82
AUGUST 2022 — Josh is a software engineer at Cisco Systems and is married to fellow Simon’s Rock Alum, Marley Mills ’84. They live in Chatham, NY.

Allyson SgroAllyson Sgro ’01
JULY 2022 — Allyson received her BA from Simon’s Rock and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Washington. She lives in Virginia and works as a research Group Leader for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute where she focuses on how cells integrate information to work together.

Adam MillerAdam Miller ’97
MAY 2022 — Adam is an independent carpenter, consultant, and editor specializing in timber and log framing. He researches, publishes, teaches, and presents on this subject and has a particular interest in l'art du trait, the stereotomical drawing tradition of the French compagnon carpenters.

Tom CooteTom Coote ’86
APRIL 2022 — Tom is Coordinator of Sustainability Programming and Visiting Faculty in Environmental Science at Simon’s Rock. He runs the Tropical Ecology and Sustainability program in Montserrat, and is the director of the Berkshire Environmental Research Center based on the Simon’s Rock campus.

Glenn PeacockGlenn Peacock ’83
MARCH 2022 — Glenn received his AA from Simon’s Rock and went on to attend the University of California Santa Cruz for his BA.

Maneesh ModiManeesh Modi ’94
FEBRUARY 2022 — Maneesh received his AA from Simon’s Rock in 1996. He earned a BS in Economics from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard.

Anne ThalheimerAnne Thalheimer ’91
DECEMBER 2021 — Anne has a BA from Simon’s Rock in Literary Studies. She holds an MA and PhD in English from the University of Delaware. Based in Western Massachusetts, she is an educator, artist, and activist supporting survivors of gun violence.

Erik ElbiehErik Elbieh ’10
OCTOBER 2021 — Erik is a cybersecurity researcher and consultant with Palindrome Technologies, a small New York City-area company.

Mary Baine CampbellMary Baine Campbell ’71
NOVEMBER 2021 — Mary is a poet, climate activist and Professor Emerita of English in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Brandeis University.

Jamieson WebsterJamieson Webster ’96
SEPTEMBER 2021 — Jamieson is a psychoanalyst and writer. She works in private practice and teaches at The New School, Princeton, and City University of New York. She has written for the Guardian, Playboy, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, and many psychoanalytic publications.

David SegilDavid Segil ’00
AUGUST 2021 — David is a Financial Advisor for Westpoint Financial Group. He lives with his wife, Heather, in Chicago.