Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College

Deep Gratitude: They’re Doing This For Us

Colin, Started at Age 15

Political Studies

I think something that all Simon's Rockers share is motivation and a passion that really wasn't being satiated at their current environment.

Colin and friends

Admission Student Representatives celebrate a successful Discovery Day behind Blodgett Hall

From top left to right: Julian Kwan '11, Zara Anwarzai '11, Colin, Leo Dunsker '12, and Jan Jurchak '12.


There are seniors who give a presentation of their theses to the board and the questions that the board asks are really inspiring… they're impressed by our work, but also, we can really tell that everyone on the board is doing this for us and…I personally feel very grateful to be able to bear witness to that experience.

Some of the best conversations I've had are at the dinner table after a class. Every discussion is kind of fleshed out and really articulated in the dining hall.

Meet Our Community

Sam, Started at 16


Started at 16

Andre, Started After 10th Grade

Andre Santana


Ishan, Started at Age 16


Started at Age 16

Colin, Started at age 15


Started at age 15

Mia, Started at age 17


Started at age 17

Moamer, Started During 11th Grade

Moamer Alsaedi

Organizer of Campus Pride Week

Ishmael, Started at age 17


Started at age 17

Marisa, Started at Age 15


Started at Age 16