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A Well-Rounded Person Makes A Better Doctor

Sam, Started at Age 16



Simon's Rock has helped make me a really well-rounded person, so I have a lot of interests outside of medicine and science, so that will hopefully make me a better doctor.

I was able to go abroad for a year, which I loved and which a lot of premed students at other places can't. While I was abroad I took whatever class I wanted since I had basically finished my requirements so I got to take classes in human ecology, and neurodegenerative diseases.


Malacology Conference, Mexico City
Sam presented her study on the ecology of Montserrat Island. The 2013 trip was part of a four-credit Signature Program in sustainability and tropical ecology.

 Malacology Conference in Mexico City

Montserrat Island

Sam holding a cane toad, January 2013.

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Sam, Started at 16


Started at 16

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Andre Santana


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Started at Age 16

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Started at age 15

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Started at age 17

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Started at age 17

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