Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College

Mathematical Proofs Over Breakfast

Ishan, Started at Age 16


I've been out to breakfast with certain professors just because we're like good friends. We'll discuss mathematical proofs over breakfast even.

I've definitely become a more global person, which was one of the huge factors for coming here. Some of my closest friends here are international students I met on day one..


Ishan Motion Photography
Photo contest

A study in photography

Left: During an exploration into movement, Ishan captured this image titled "Motion" - which is a dancer holding two iPhones. "Motion" was featured on the cover of Simon's Rock Literary and Arts Magazine, Glacial Erratic.

Right: Ishan won first place in Simon’s Rock 2013 Winter Photo Contest.


Meet Our Community

Sam, Started at 16


Started at 16

Andre, Started After 10th Grade

Andre Santana


Ishan, Started at Age 16


Started at Age 16

Colin, Started at age 15


Started at age 15

Mia, Started at age 17


Started at age 17

Moamer, Started During 11th Grade

Moamer Alsaedi

Organizer of Campus Pride Week

Ishmael, Started at age 17


Started at age 17

Marisa, Started at Age 15


Started at Age 16