Bard College at Simon's Rock: the Early College

An Experience I Wouldn’t Exchange For Anything

Ishmael, Started at Age 17

Mathematics, W.E.B. Du Bois Scholar

The work is demanding and professors push each student to their intellectual limit and beyond, but they never leave our side during the challenging journey.

Ishamel tweet

Ishmael’s tweet during Alumni Phonathon, June ’13.

Whether it’s creating time to meet with grinding students, or promptly answering late night emails, they offer us just as many opportunities to grow outside of the classroom as within. Their influential presence drives us to persevere, and ultimately the results are a lot more rewarding than had we done it alone.

Ishmael in Ghana SuitIshmael in traditional Ghanaian attire

Graduation ceremony, May '14.

Ishmael teaches math to childrenAmeriCorps, City Year Program

Ishmael teaching at Roger Williams Middle School. Providence, RI, 2014.


Rockers embrace different ideas, cultures, and philosophies, while also being transparent and approachable about what we ourselves are passionate about. I was eager to shed my graduation robe and reveal the traditional Ghanaian attire of the culture I so proudly represented on campus.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work in the education system in Rhode Island. Roger Williams Middle School may not be as well equipped as other schools, but I was able to convince students that the area they were born in does not determine where they will end up. I interacted with my students similarly to how professors at Simon’s Rock interacted with me: with humility and respect. In return, my students responded with a work ethic that rivaled my own. Now if only they can remember to add their negative signs!


Meet Our Community

Sam, Started at 16


Started at 16

Andre, Started After 10th Grade

Andre Santana


Ishan, Started at Age 16


Started at Age 16

Colin, Started at age 15


Started at age 15

Mia, Started at age 17


Started at age 17

Moamer, Started During 11th Grade

Moamer Alsaedi

Organizer of Campus Pride Week

Ishmael, Started at age 17


Started at age 17

Marisa, Started at Age 15


Started at Age 16