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Safety and Support

Supporting the whole student—the physical, intellectual, and social-emotional well-being of each individual—is a priority at Simon’s Rock. 

students on DAC path

I most definitely appreciated all the support—socially, mentally, and academically… the Simon’s Rock community is one of a kind in its relentless compassion and inclusiveness, and I know I can return to the campus anytime during my lifetime to find open arms and smiles.

-Rachel Shi ’15

Residence directors are responsible members of each residence hall community who model respectful behavior and provide support, guidance, and an adult presence.

resident director with student

A safe environment

Female students walking on path.

We take seriously our responsibility to maintain a safe campus. Trained Campus Safety staff work closely with Residence Life, Health Services, Counseling Services and Physical Plant, the dean of students and other members of the faculty and staff to maintain 24-hour coverage of the campus. Students are assured vehicle patrols, lighted paths and controlled, security carded residence hall access. Campus Safety officers respond to all emergencies, and have specialized and EMT training.
Leslie Davidson

This is a place that’s very oriented toward the well-being of the individual as well as the community, where students are very well known by their faculty members, the adult staff in the residence halls, and people outside the classroom whose job involves close work with students. It’s embedded in the DNA at Simon’s Rock that you take notice of students, that you care about who they are as people and that you notice if something doesn’t seem to be ok.

-Leslie Davidson,
Dean of the College, Bard College at Simon's Rock
 emergency contacts and Campus Safety